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I hosted a TV show in Palos Verdes on Cox Cable for over 6 years called “Meet the Team!” It was an interview expose show

where we highlighted the skills and wonderful talents of all the public and private Palos Verdes and San Pedro high schools’ very best sports athletic teams & their amazing coaches {(including swimming, baseball, softball, football, soccer, water polo, pep squad, & tennis, & the performance based “sports” like dance and theater as well (can’t forget those!)}. I also covered classic and classy car shows, as well as a slew of other local events, like art show openings, city council celebrations, and local plays, among others, that were happening all over the city!

I’ve also emceed a few cool events live on stage, like one company’s huge Christmas gala (where I introduced a bunch of the performance acts of the night) and a super awesome magic show (where I introduced the magician)! I am a multi-talented performer who also models, acts, and dances & sings and can do all sorts of other things!

{ —–> Below are a few examples of the beginning half of the “Meet the Team” show that I wrote the openers of the show for, (the whole show was too big/long to upload) }
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**HERE are a couple of the sports teams from Peninsula Highschool that I covered on “Meet the Team”**

1) Peninsula High Schools’ Girl’s Pep Squad:

2) Peninsula High Schools’ Boy’s Baseball Team:


**And, HERE are a couple of PV school kid’s musical plays I covered as well! Theater ROCKS!

3) “Blood Brothers” Musical @ Chadwick Highschool:

4) “Peter Pan” Musical @ St. John Fisher School:

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