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My friends,
I NEED HELP!!!!!!! Would you donate to a good cause if you knew it would HELP SAVE THOUSANDS, MAYBE EVEN MILLIONS/BILLIONS OF LIVES!?! What if I told you that I’m EXTREMELY intelligent and that my genius partner and I help HEAL PEOPLE because we SINCERELY care about our fellow humanity, and YOUR DONATION would help go to keeping our cause alive!?! What if I told you we are SICK of watching our fellow brothers and sisters of this Mother Earth get stomped all over and taken down by the ugly Western medical system that exists today?!? What if I told you that your donation could go to receiving any one of the many 100% ALL NATURAL, no fillers/additives/toxic chemicals (of ANY kind) healing SURVIVAL remedies/products that we make homemade, from scratch, that you can use to actually HEAL what ails you!?!
What if I told you my grandfather and gorgeous mother were recently murdered? What if I told you the hospital was responsible by giving them a toxic sludge mixture of the Synthetic Opiates, Morphine and Fentanyl (and benzos, steroids, and other Big pharma drugs I didn’t even know the name of)? What if I told you my father is barely holding on, and to keep him alive and clear of all his ILLNESS, I need the money to help buy him and the rest of my family herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and unpasteurized, grassfed, pastured/free range, NON GMO butter, ghee, milk, eggs and meat? Would you donate if you knew this was all true?
{**I’ll soon be posting a video of when my mother was KICKED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL WHEN SHE WAS SICK AND DYING, FOR LEAVING THE BUILDING FOR 10 MINS FOR FRESH AIR~ (WE WERE TREATED LIKE CRIMINALS!) I also have many other ALARMING recordings of some of the other horrendous things I was told in the hospital…straight LIES….I need the people of the world to hear them, or they won’t know what they are getting themselves into when they go to their nearest hospital! Trust me, it’s VERY DISTURBING**}
Are you or any of your family members in need of HEALING HELP? We do health consultations for $60 for an hour and if you tell us what you are suffering from, we can tell you what you’ll need to recover. Plus, you can order any of the healing remedies we make (geared towards your specific condition). Even if you’re not interested in the vitamins and such that you put in your body (although it’s beyond necessary to begin supplementing today because our health is precious!), you can order the things that are healing for the outside of your body!
  Orrr…. a donation would help IMMENSELY. I just put a donation button (pay pal), on my website, but what’s better and easier for the both of us (for now until I get my website completed and my donation button 100% working, is to go on PAYPAL and make a donation to  !!)
….What I’m going to do is take the donations I receive to help pay for the opening of my store, and to keep buying all the necessary amino acids, vitamins, herbs, minerals, etc. that will help people stay alive who’s health is presently being RAVAGED by the hospital system (who wants nothing other than for you to be as sick as a dog, and as drugged up on as many deadly poisons as possible, and as dead as a doornail, literally!). I want to help people get their immune systems back up and running smoothly and get them back up on their feet. I don’t want anyone to end up like my beautiful mother, grandfather, family friends, and the rest of my family who are barely holding on, including myself, who also has been SEVERELY damaged by forced toxic vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, flouride, heavy metals, and radiation, among soo many other disgusting chemicals that have intentionally been put into all the mainstream products you use daily to clean your hair, wash your clothes, nourish your skin, paint your face, and brush your teeth, AND our air, water, and food supplies…to keep us continually sick, and dumbed down so we are completely unaware of what is actually happening to us! I have SEVERE back and neck trauma which causes terribly painful migraines or cluster headaches, chronic aching, stabbing, and throbbing pain all over my body, and neuropathy (extreme, very painful nerve damage radiating down my left leg and into my foot and sometimes my arm!!!!!). My partner also suffers from multiple severe bodily traumas as well. We know FIRSTHAND how horrific it is to be SUFFERING day in and day out for years on end!
So, PLEASE, help us survive by making a donation, and we’ll be one step closer to HEALING OURSELVES! Then, we can REACH OUT TO OTHER FAMILIES and HEAL THEM TOO! KEEP US ALIVE AND WE’LL KEEP YOU ALIVE IN RETURN!!!
And I’ll throw in a gift bag AND a hug and a kiss too! PLEASE… EVERY LAST CENT COUNTS!
The list of things we can make you, made to order, is written below. PLEASE, if you or any of your loved family members or friends are in DESPERATE need of HEALING HELP, contact us today and we will get you back on the right track!! WE DO THIS BECAUSE WE CARE!
I’m in need of some fast money but I obviously need continual money to survive EVERY DAY as well. And I think it’s QUITE UNFORTUNATE, trust me….I do not like relying on the dollar. Whatever happened to good ole’ bartering? Oh, I know…a bunch of greedy bastards got in control and built the Federal Reserve (which is a privately owned company), and instead of the government of the U.S. printing and passing out the money, the Federal Reserve prints the money and it LENDS the money to the government, which then lends the money to us, on INTEREST….and now the people (the good ole’ tax payers of the U.S.—pretty much all they think of us anyway—a bunch of sheep to the slaughter) have to pay back interest on the borrowed money! And MOST people don’t even know this is happening—this is a huge reason as to why we are in debt—besides making continual WARFARE weapons and spending all our money on going to war and destroying people’s lives! Good ole’ America! Land of the Slaves!
**Just a lil’ explanation of how great my partner is…—-Besides just being a MUSICAL GENIUS, ‪my partner, Sunkid, also just so happens to be the SMARTEST person I’ve ever met…an ALCHEMICAL SHAMAN GENIUS!!! He knows more than anyone about how the brain works and how it interacts with the body–the DESTROYING & RAVAGING effects varying toxic Big Pharma DRUGS, nano heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, and vaccines have on your brain, overall body, and your dna (these toxic substances unravel & alter your dna at the very core) VS. the HEALING & ABSOLUTE MOST POSITIVE effects all natural, essential and non essential healthy amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nootropics have on your neurotransmitters, your hormones, your organs, etc., AND how these all can turn your body around from the toxic effects those vaccines, pesticides, GMOs, etc. had on your body in the first place! AND, he knows how to HEAL people from illnesses, such as CANCER, that you’ve been told “have no cures!”—(which is a bunch of POPPYCOCK NONSENSE!!!!), He knows how to turn your Immune system back on and reverse your Alzheimers and Dementia (that perhaps you’ve also been told can’t be reversible), he knows how to help your nerves recover from Neuropathy, he knows how to reverse your Osteoporosis and painful Rheumatoid Arthritis, he knows how to mend your broken bones, he knows how to kickstart your backed up colon (Colitis & Crohn’s disease) & soooooo much more! DON’T BELIEVE ME? I wouldn’t.



*******Order a gift package from me that I will fill with gooodies that my partner and I make, all natural, and homemade from scratch, like foot scrubs, body/facial scrubs, parasite cleanses, body detoxes, blood tonics, herbal tinctures, tooth powders and the list goes on of vitamins and minerals and brain foods I make and will put in your goodie bag for you! I also make laundry kits, and bath kits…where everything you’d need to make the moooost amazing smelling/clean clothing (free of TOXIC chemicals) and a concoction for the bath that will pull radiation and metals from your body, and leave you feeling like a million bucks (that I can pretty much guarantee, or your money back!!!). There are soooooo many disgusting carcinogenic substances in ALL of your mainstream products, and I promise you, you will find nothing like this on the majority of your local stores (most of it you won’t find AT ALL!).

Look….again….my mom and grandpa both died this year (literally back to back, within 2 days of one another), and my dad barely survived. They’ve been DESTROYED and our family ripped apart and I will stop at nothing to get this message out and known to the public. (I will be posting many more blog posts and stories about what happened within this situation in the next coming year because what happened NEEDS to be told because what happened to them in the hospital, but I haven’t had the energy -mentally or physically- to tell it—I’ve been a VERY depressed person). Until then though (until you understand the details), hang tight and trust that what my partner and I sell will help get you back on the healing track.

***Trust us, this will be one of the BEST DECISIONS you’ll ever make in your life! Take the plunge and try us out. We will not let you down…it’s just not in our makeup!!***
         **HEATHER’S HEAVENLY HERBS ****All Natural, Homemade- From Scratch Items** (100% Pure, No Fillers/Additives)
1) Iodine —-> (Protects Thyroid from Radiation)
2) Liposomes —-> (Sunflower Lecithin + any herb + amino acids)

3) B Vitamin Stack

4) Nootropic Stack/ Capsules—-> (Brain Food- Better Memory, Concentration, Attention, Synaptic Plasticity, Growth of New Neurons, Increased Clarity/Perception/Awareness/Motivation, Mood Lift, Neural Protective, Relief from stress/anxiety/ depression/ OCD/ ADHD/ ADD, More Vivid Dreams & Lucid dreaming)

5) Sleep Formula – Herbal Tincture/ Amino Acids —-> (Better Sleep, Deeper Sleep)

6) Any Amino/Vitamin/Mineral Stack/Capsules (geared towards different illnesses)

7) Herbal Tinctures (Rosemary/Vodka/Glycerin, etc.)

8) Dried Herbs by the Oz, Lb, (Chamomile, Burdock Root, Rosemary, Guta Cola)

9) Herbs (Dried) in Capsules

10) Parasite Cleanse (Turpentine)

11) Turpentine Whole Bottle

12) Clay Mask (with Moringa, Zinc, Cham)

13) Clay By Itself– By the Lb (Burns, Cuts, Bruises, Bug Bites, Fleas, Tumors)

14) Diatomaceous Earth (Flea formula, garden pest control) – whole bag or by Lb

15) Garlic/ MSM / Wine Tincture

16) Wine/Beets – Blood Tonic —-> (Cleans the blood)

17) Essential Oil Body/Room Sprays

18) Shampoo (Castile Soap, Coffee/Honey, Essential Oil, Copper)

19) Copper

20) Body/Face Sugar Scrubs (Coffee Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Mint Chip)

21) Tooth Powders (Spearmint, Peppermint, Clove/Cinnamon, Wintergreen)

22) Laundry Kit (Borax, Essential Oils, Baking Soda, Castille Soap, TSP)

23) Degreeser Cleaner (Floor, Bathroom Sink, Dishes)- Vineg, Bak. Soda, Ess. oil

24) Foot Scrubs (Ess.Oil, Coffee Grinds, Avo Oil/Grapeseed, Salt )

25) Activated Charcoal (face mask, cleanse air—> fridge, trash)

26) Dog Flea Formula (Bak. Soda, Borax, Ess. Oil, Epsom Salt, Vinegar, Hyd Per.)

27) Bath Kit (Bak. Soda, Borax, Ess. Oil, Epsom Salt, TSP, Turpentine, DMSO)

28) DMSO

29) Face Powder (Cacao, Ginger, Cinnamon, Arrowroot)

30) Mouthwash (Cinnamon/Clove, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint)

31) Zinc  (NEEDED to protect a man’s prostate, among other things)

32) Selenium  (just another VITAL mineral your body needs to protect itself)

**Remember, our soil in America present day is completely NUTRITIONALLY DEFICIENT, so you NEED to begin supplementing with these vital minerals, herbs, vitamins and amino acids!! Your body makes some of these and gets some of these from food, but if you’re not getting enough (which you are not by any means), your body will show all sorts of signs of DECAY…which results in all of the varying diseases, illnesses, and mental disorders that we are seeing in this society today! We also happen to be bombarded, on a daily basis, by the toxic Flouride and pharmaceuticals in our water supply, the pesticides/herbicides on our food and cropland, the chemtrails in the sky raining down Nano toxic heavy metals, the radiation from the death tower cell towers, xrays, airport scanners, & the microwave (which you should NEVER in your life use again!), the GMOs that have overtaken our food supply, the horrendously DNA damaging vaccines that were practically forced on us when we were babies and ARE being forced on the kids of the newest generation today (they get them or they cannot go to public school!!), and many more toxic chemicals that are all around us in our environment every day! PROTECT YOURSELF NOW and buy the essential items you’ll need to SURVIVE in the coming END DAYS!!!!!!**


**I Can Get You The Best Milk/Butter/Maple Syrup/Eggs/Meat In Town!**
                —-> (Grassfed, Non GMO, Free Range/Pastured) <—-


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