About Me

Welcome to my website. This is me, HEATHER LYNN MAYER. I am a thriving, versatile Artist, who was born and raised in sunny, Southern California. Right on, dude!

Hey! I’m also a Dentist, a Firefighter, and a professional Sumo Wrestler, all in that order. Okay, okay…so maybe I’m not the last few, but I really am an Artist and a JACK OF ALL TRADES! I pride myself on being a Renaissance soul and an ever changing kaleidoscope chameleon!

Since my graduation as an Honors Psychology student from UCLA, I have been diligently working as an Entertainer all around the world. I have been featured in web series, films, plays, commercials, magazines, fashion shows, television shows, and live events! Ooh, ooh, side note…I can also do my own hair, makeup, and styling in any theme or era necessary. I also sing and dance, can be super weird, and can do my own stunts. I told you I was a Sumo Wrestler! Seriously though…

Okay, okay…back to the topic at hand…The expressive art I consistently strive to create is inspired by the exposure to the multi-faceted life I’ve had the honor of living thus far. From being a solo-world traveler, to hosting a television show right out of college, no challenge has been too large for me to conquer!

And, as a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, I really have worked in everything from production, public relations, special events, promotions, sales, web design, writing, marketing, advertising, to hospitality, serving, catering, bartending, tutoring, and babysitting. I’m even an acting teacher! From such well-known businesses as the Daily Bruin, MTV Networks, and Cox Cable, I have experienced working in many different industries. I consider myself an exceptionally well-rounded person, who understands, appreciates, and respects the aspects of various fields. Learning the valuable tasks from all of these fields has helped me become a better artist.

However, no matter what I’m doing, I am professional, reliable, and extremely entertaining. You just have to meet me to find out! I believe in creating a fun working environment where everyone can work together towards a common goal, and I consistently bring an everlasting, contagious energy to set, or whatever job, every time. Being as charismatic and funny as I am, you’ll never want to let me go!

I have an enduring passion for fashion, music, acting, and all things MAGIC! Being a part of the creative process from beginning to end leaves me deeply fulfilled. It is my ultimate passion that drives me to be working within this beautiful, yet crazy, whirlwind of a business.

Please check out my pictures, links, videos, and current BLOG, to get a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on. Thanks for coming to my page PARTNER!

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